Bowdoin Climate Action in for the Long Haul

Below is a version of the blog originally posted to on December 4th, 2012 reaffirming Bowdoin Climate Action’s commitment to divestment.

“The wind of change is blowing through this continent,” British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan famously declared to the South African parliament in 1960 in regard to growing national consciousnesses in Africa that spurred the initial process of decolonization and dismantling of the British Empire.

At Bowdoin College, student activists brought that wind of change with them to a meeting with President Barry Mills to talk about divesting from the fossil fuel industry, or, if we’re running with the metaphor, the Fossil Fuel Empire. Backed by the signatures of more than 25% of the student body, we made it clear that we are in this for the long haul. Climate change is not going away any time soon, and neither are we.

At the beginning of the semester, students launched Bowdoin: Carbon Neutral, Carbon Free in conjunction with the Greenpeace Student Network and to eliminate the presence of fossil fuels at the College as a consumer and investor. We are calling on the College to transition to 100% clean energy on campus and to divest from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in socially responsibly funds.

The fact is, what passed for progressive environmentalism a few years ago does not cut it anymore. Colleges need to step up as leaders by proving they will not associate with an industry whose practices oppose the realization of a prosperous future that universities work to give their students. The only radical course of action is not to act at all.

As the literal winds of climate change howl around us, in the form of superstorms like Hurricane Sandy, so come the figurative of winds of change, taking the nation by a storm as students call on their campuses to divest for the preservation of the future. We are the winds of change, and we’ll keep on blowing until we’ve won.

Sign the petition to make Bowdoin carbon free.


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