Alumni and Parent Endorsement of BCA’s Sit in for Climate Justice

To the Bowdoin community:We– parents and alumni–are writing to express our support for Bowdoin students sitting in for climate justice this spring. We call on Bowdoin, with its commitment to the Common Good, to address the uneven burden of climate change by divesting our endowment from the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies. We commend these students for continuing to push despite the College’s refusal to productively engage with this issue. After garnering the support of over 1,000 students and 70 faculty members, Bowdoin Climate Action formally proposed aligning the College’s investments with the Common Good to the Board of Trustees last fall. Since then, the Board has ignored any further conversation for more than 140 days. Though President Mills announced he is the liaison between BCA and the Board, we are concerned that his departure will leave students without a way to continue productive conversations with the administration. Students at Harvard and Swarthmore, too, are escalating their fossil fuel divestment campaign to civil disobedience. The movement is winning across the globe, recently with an endorsement from the United Nations and a commitment to divest from The New School. Three colleges in Maine have committed to divest, including the University of Maine system. Bowdoin is falling behind. We love Bowdoin, and we want to see the College become a leader. These students, as part of a growing worldwide movement, have demonstrated to our community that fossil fuel divestment is necessary, both morally and financially. We urge the Bowdoin administration to listen to the concerns of its students, faculty and staff, to take action and to be a leader for climate justice by pursuing responsible divestment. Sincerely, DeRay Mckesson ’07 Robert E. Ives ’69, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life Naomi Oreskes P ’17 Auden Schendler ’92 Janice Lee P ’12 ’14 ’17 Stuart Shapiro P ’12 ’14 ’17 Jordan Van Voast, ’81 Paul Miller ’92 Keith Halloran, ’77 Tenley Wurglitz, ’03 Freeland Church ’05 Heather Colman McGill ’03 Christian Leahy ’89 Samantha Good ’00 Hesper Schleiderer-Hardy ’02 Sarah Durante ’03 Jessica Balogh ’99 Allison Burson ’07  Daniel O’Maley ’05 Benjamin Richmond ’13 Amy Titcomb ’04 Cory Elowe ’11 Clare Forstie ’03 Rob Smith ’75 Rev. AKM Adam ’79 Michael Rothschild ’10 Mark Toor ’86 Scott Budde ’81 Iris Levin ’05 William Thwing ’64 Alissa Cordner ’04 Ben Martens ’06 Monika Dargin Rushford ’01 Mark Spencer ’88 Edith Leghorn ’14 Bruce Griffin ’69 Maryellen Hearn ’11 Carol Bolger Esposito ’79 Larissa Gaias ’11 Simon FIschweicher ’11 D. Menz ’83 Stephen Buckley Jr. ’71 Enrique Chavez-Arizo P ’17 Andy Mead P ’16 Lory Snady-McCoy P ’15 Nancy Ptacek P ’17 Robert Ratcliffe P ’15 Chris Goodrich P ’15 Miriam Berkman P ’17 Susan Bristol P ’17 Eve Leeman P ’15 Claire Morduch P ’18 Jennifer Brown P Paul Simon P ’17 Sheldon Toubman P ’18

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